About My Name Quest


What age group is My Name Quest appropriate for?


My Name Quest is perfect for children aged 2 to 8 years old. Although parents of newborns have also bought My Name Quest as a memory that the child can cherish for a lifetime.

For names with repeating alphabets, will there be different stories?


Yes, of course. Adventures for each alphabet whether repeating or not are unique.


What if my child’s name is short?


Don’t you worry! We add extra pages to make sure your child has a wonderful story to read. (This may not reflect in the preview)


Is the price lower for shorter names?


No, the price remains the same, as we put in the same amount effort for any length of name.


Is it possible to add personal messages or Photographs of children?


Yes, the first page has space for a personal message for the child. A default message, a personal one from you or a birthday wish with a cake can be incorporated.

No, photos of children can't be added.

Will the book be exactly as shown in the Sample Books?


The preview is just a representation of the actual book. Some things could be different in the actual book. The outfit colour for example would be one chosen by you and not the one represented in the preview. Also, additional pages for shorter names do not reflect in the preview, but will be added. 

Value Addition

How does My Name Quest play a role in child development?


My Name Quest being set in natural landscapes encourages outdoor activities and awareness about the environment.

As the story is about alphabets, it is a great way to learn spellings and improve vocabulary.

Colouring helps develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination and colour recognition abilities.

What all comes with the book?


It comes with a crayon box to colour in the storybook, a do-it-yourself name banner that relates directly to the story as well as facts and trivia cards about the elements and colours used in the book.


What do the facts and trivia cards include?


There are various concepts about colours and elements of nature introduced in the book in brief; the fact cards explain the concepts in detail.

They also explain colour psychology in brief, about the colours used in the book, their positive effects as well as negative on child development.

The cards are fun facts for children and the grown ups.

Is colouring part of the story?


Yes, colouring is an inherent part of the story, as the child colours elements and creatures that have lost colour upon the adventure.

Are the crayons safe for children?


Yes the crayons provided are EN 71 part 3 compliant and safe for children. The wax crayons are made of special non-toxic material.


How is the product packaged? Can I get it gift-wrapped?


Each Name Quest is delivered to you as a gift. We wrap it further with a newspaper for transportation.

Discounts and Offers


Is there a discount on multiple My Name Quests?


Yes, a 5% off on more than 5 orders. Use code 5MNQ at checkout.

A 10% off on more than 10 orders. Use code 10MNQ at checkout.

Can I order just the book?


No that is not possible, unless you want place a bulk order (more than 20).


Can My Name Quest be ordered in bulk for children’s parties?


Yes, if you want to place a bulk order, you can contact us via email giving details about your order. We will get back to you with further information.


Use code : "Birthday"

at the time of checkout after adding 10 My Name Quests to avail 10% off.

Can several promo codes be combined for a discount?


No, that is not possible. Only one code can be applied at a time.


What all payment options are available?


We have multiple payment options:

-For Indian customers, Bank transfer and PayTM, for which details are provided at checkout.

-For international customers, PayPal or Bank transfers.


Cancellations and Replacements

Can I cancel my order?


Once the payment is made and order has been confirmed, it is not possible to cancel the order as each book is made especially for the customer.

My package arrived with faults or defects, what do I do?


You may send us photographic evidence of the same via email, and ship it back to us within original packaging (the box), as we prepare your replacement to be shipped to you upon receipt of the faulty product*. The defects/ faults should be brought to our notice latest within 14 days after delivery.


*Misprinted book or torn pages. Defects comprising of broken crayons, in-transit damages will not be accounted for.

Is it possible to get a refund for the product?

No, it is not possible to get a refund for a product, since the product is prepared based on order. Only in the case of delivery delayed by 45 working days, a full refund will be initiated.

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